Thursday, July 3, 2014

Disgraced former DA gets new gig

Disgraced former Williamson County District Attorney John Bradley has finally landed a new gig. He will be working in the Attorney General's Office in the Republic of Palau - a former US territory in Micronesia.

For those of y'all who may have been hiding under a rock the past couple of years, Mr. Bradley lost his post when he lost in the GOP primary back in 2012. As conservative as folks might be in Williamson County, they weren't able to overlook his role in the Michael Morton affair.

While it was former DA and former Judge (and former attorney) Ken Anderson who played fast and loose with the rules during the Morton investigation and trial, Mr. Bradley was the mouthpiece for those who wanted to preserve a bad conviction at any price. As a result of the illegal and shameful conduct by the Williamson County DA's Office, Michael Morton lost 25 years of his life and a killer walked free while he sat behind bars for a crime he didn't commit.

From Ms. Falkenburg's piece:
"I don't wake up every morning gnashing my teeth and shaking my fist at, you know, 'where's John Bradley?' I've literally and figuratively moved on," [Michael Morton] said. 
"At this stage of the game, I wish him well," Morton said. "And, you know, adios."
The fact that Bradley had to go all the way to Palau to get a gig just goes to show how reprehensible his actions were in defending the conviction.

It remains to be seen whether Palau will experience some of Bradley's brand of "justice."


Joshua Glotzer, Esq. said...

Good riddance! We have far too many prosecutors in this country who don't care anything about the truth and seek a conviction "at any cost"! Thanks for the update.

Lee said...

At an end his rule is and not short enough it was.